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“Tiqah” means trust in Arabic
brands with
new consumers
We help you optimise your message for the multicultural community

The multicultural society is a reality. Traditional communication is often based on a stereotypical and outdated approach. As a result, a great deal of opportunities go begging. Tiqah helps brands win the trust of new consumers.

TIQAH Etnomarketing

Step 1

We see

We absorb. We discover. We inspect. We study. We analyse. We evaluate.

Step 2

We think

We consult. We discuss. We consider. We advise. We plan.

Step 3

We act

We do. We develop. We compile. We patch up. We execute. We deliver.

Bespoke expertise

In addition to analysing and advising your company, Tiqah also takes things one step further. For the elaboration and implementation of the strategy, Tiqah assembles a team of experts bespoke for the project. During and after the implementation, an uninterrupted data flow guarantees reports are established and adjustments are made if necessary.

Our publications

TIQAH searches for, acquires and processes huge quantities of data. Our publications frequently offer interesting insights into ethnomarketing, ethnocommunication and ethnoconsumers.