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10 November 2016 door Fatima

Cultural center Darna

In September 2016, the Flemish and Moroccan government announced the opening of the cultural centre Darna. This cultural centre is a symbol of the Flemish-Moroccan culture in Brussels and Flanders. Darna will organise cultural initiatives that celebrate and represent the bond between the two countries and cultures. The ministers asked Tiqah to elaborate a new strategy for Darna. This challenge brings us closer to an international ambition.

The Flemish Minister asked Tiqah to develop an organization which encourages the Flemish and Moroccan community to get to know each other’s culture. Our team of Tiqah experts developed a strategy which resulted in the birth of the new cultural centre Darna. The organization will act as a platform for encounter, dialogue and cultural exchange between the two communities. Furthermore, the organisation will contribute to the development of a balanced and cohesive society for cultural diversity within both communities. Darna promotes inter-culturalism in Brussels and the rest of Flanders.

Darna will spread its activity widely across the cultural sector. It is a multifunctional house where young entrepreneurs can give shape to their ideas, where young artists can count on the necessary facilities and where culture lovers can have a great time. The youth will be involved in the creation and development of Darna. This involvement will make Darna a self-sustainable organisation.

The cultural centre will be localised in the centre of Brussels. The organization will have a spacious office and meeting space but won’t have in-house presentation capabilities. The official launch will take place in January 2017 with an appealing and new design.