Food report
TIQAH believes in close collaboration with its clients. Dialogue, mutual trust and transparency are key to the trajectory.
TIQAH Etnomarketing

Stap 1

We see

We absorb. We discover. We inspect. We study. We analyse. We evaluate.

Stap 2

We think

We consult. We discuss. We consider. We advise. We plan.

Stap 3

We act

We do. We develop. We compile. We patch up. We execute. We deliver.

Trajectory from A to Z…

In addition to analysing and advising your company, TIQAH also takes things one step further. For the elaboration and implementation of the strategy, TIQAH assembles a team of experts bespoke for the project: from graphic design and video production to the organisation and coaching of events. TIQAH remains the architect of the project and coordinates the activities of the various partners.

…and back again!

During and after the implementation, an uninterrupted flow of (new) data generates new insights. TIQAH analyses, reports and makes adjustments if necessary.

TIQAH & Friends

TIQAH calls upon a number of regular partners to implement the actual strategies. They are all experts in their respective domains: graphic design, video production, copywriting, events, information architecture, web development, media planning & buying, retail communication/activation.