Food report

5 September 2017

Halal as a quality label

Next to the determination of the halal status of a product or service there is a growing consumer awareness about the quality. The new consumers want more and take ethical and health values into consideration. This influences the shopping behavior of the …

10 November 2016

Cultural center Darna

In September 2016, the Flemish and Moroccan government announced the opening of the cultural centre Darna. This cultural centre is a symbol of the Flemish-Moroccan culture in Brussels and Flanders. Darna will organise cultural initiatives that celebrate and represent the …

6 September 2016

Interview ATV

Interview with Rachid Lamrabat on ATV (Regional Television) on Auguqt 18th, 2016. In Dutch.

23 June 2016

Ramadan proof branding

Ramadan is a month that gives marketers significant opportunities because of the increased consumerism. It is important to know how to efficiently market in this season to reach out to the Muslim consumer without making mistakes that could be costly. …