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23 juni 2016 door Fatima

Ramadan proof branding

Ramadan is a month that gives marketers significant opportunities because of the increased consumerism. It is important to know how to efficiently market in this season to reach out to the Muslim consumer without making mistakes that could be costly. Our Tiqah experts give you 4 branding tips to implement in your marketing strategy during that season.

More is more
Ramadan is a month of conviviality which calls out for big family gatherings. To stock up for Ramadan and Eid, Muslims like to buy in large quantities. That makes bulk offers and special occasion discounts a great way to attract the Muslim consumer.

Avoid offense
Watch out for mistakes that could be perceived as offensive by your Muslim consumer. For example the placement of bacon-flavoured crisps in the Ramadan offer or the placement of ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ stickers above pigs in blankets and pork sausages. Educate your employees about the religious and cultural signification of Ramadan to avoid offensive mistakes.

Break the clichés
Watch out for stereotypical design elements, these could reflect a poor understanding of the rich cultural and religious heritage of your Muslim consumer. Leave the crescent moons, minarets and poorly arranged geometric patterns and come up with a more innovative approach.

Go beyond the visual
Don’t stop at changing an aisle graphic or putting a simple banner but think further. Call on the competence of experts to create your Ramadan graphics and marketing materials. Create a unique identity for the Ramadan season.