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Tiqah is built on insights acquired through thorough research.

Tiqah keeps learning. Every single day. We do not feel the need to boast about the fact that we have more than a decade’s worth of ethnomarketing experience and we are not looking to be recognised as pioneers. We do what we do out of passion and a desire to use our expertise as efficiently as possible.

“For instance, the halal market in Belgium continues to grow, with a current value in excess of €2 billion”

There is no manual on how to win over consumers of foreign heritage, the process is different for every brand. TIQAH has the network to research image and brand experience.

“Only 4% of young immigrants watch VRT television”

TIQAH specialises in the Muslim community but doesn’t shy away from research questions on other communities.

Etno is hot

The multicultural society is a reality. Traditional communication is often based on a stereotypical and outdated approach. As a result, a great deal of opportunities go begging.

TIQAH lets you tap into a new market segment by including the new consumer in your segmentation. Want to know how? Then contact us for an initial interview.


TIQAH was founded based on a passion, a necessity. Immigrant consumers need a new approach, one with an eye for the needs of the new consumer. Tiqah is not into ethnomarketing because it is en vogue; we genuinely believe we can make a difference.