Food report
5 September 2017 door Fatima

Halal as a quality label

Next to the determination of the halal status of a product or service there is a growing consumer awareness about the quality. The new consumers want more and take ethical and health values into consideration. This influences the shopping behavior of the new consumer.

In 2015 Indonesian School of Economics and Business conducted a study about what the consumer finds more important: a halal label or quality. The study showed that quality is the most influencing factor to incite purchase and increase brand loyalty. Halal is the minimum for market introduction for certain segments, like the food sector. The mistake companies make today, is in the definition of halal. Most companies keep it at a superficial definition and implementation of halal. Thus research shows this is not enough. Halal consumers want more than just a label.

Halal is more than ritual slaughter and omitting alcohol and haram ingredients. It means your product/service is sustainable, fair trade and natural. Those are the values that the new consumer wants to see in halal products and services. Generation Y shows a clear mind switch in the perception of halal. This generation of new consumers is more critical and outspoken. They see halal as a minimum to be on their shopping list but halal is not enough to win the new consumers heart. They want quality, variety and appreciation. They desire to be approached like the regular customers in order to trust a brand. Quality is for this generation a must and should go hand in hand with halal.

Combining halal and quality are highly linked to customer satisfaction. Make your product or service stand out in a growing halal market. Take the definition of halal beyond the superficial definition and transform halal into a quality label.